Road Testing BOXJOX

Road Testing BOXJOX

As all sports men know, securing your crown jewels whilst partaking in your sport of choice is important. I’ve come across a novel way of doing this and thought I’d share it with you. Have you heard of BOXJOX? If not, don’t be ashamed.20120811-190940.jpg

BoxJox is a compression base layer and a state of the art update on the athletic support. It wraps around the waist and through the legs creating a unified 3D structure providing both support and stability for the genitals. Engineered to use the stretch base material that flexes and moves with you in contrast to the support bands which remain controlled.

I trialled mine for the past two weeks whilst cycling to work and attending the gymnasiums, and to my surprise, they are noticeably more comfortable than ordinary sports pants or cycling shorts.

Having contacted the team at BOXJOX, I’m reliably informed that the future holds a nice variety of sports under garments for differing sports.

They’ve got an interesting blog:

And if you’re interested in joining the revolution, click here


No more need for those awkward ‘magic sponge’ moments thanks to BOXJOX.

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