Sponsored Athletes & Teams

Currently we have three sponsored athletes:

1. Angelo Bevilacqua

Angelo is pro boxer in the super light weight division. Originally from Italy, Angelo has a dedication and passion for winning through his hard word, endeavour, and relentless attitude. He is currently one of the hottest super light weights coming through the boxing ranks fast. 


2. Tamara Armoush

Tamara is an international athlete currently dedicating all her training to mastering the marathon distance. Tamara has competed for Jordan at the Asia Games 2018 in 1500m and 5000m as well as the 3000m at IAAF Indoor Championships 2018. Since 2018, Tamara has been ramping up the miles to compete at marathon distance in the run up to the next olympics. 

3. Roger Poolman

Roger is a Highgate Harriers athlete focused on 10000m domination on a national scale. Roger has competed in several national and international races over the past months which is a reflection of his raw ability to run good times. His abilities led him to a Cross Country Met League overall victory last season. We are helping Roger with his progress towards to a race jerseys for the national team. 




We have also worked at the following multi-sport events:












Previously, Our therapists have worked with a variety of sporting teams which include:

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